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Saudi Visa Stamping

  • Original Passport with six months validity ( Old Passports if Avl )
  • Visa slip
  • 2 white background photo { 6 x 4 cm}
  • Medical from  GAMCA (GCC approved Medical Centers Association)(for details please contact # Mr Kumar 9840788288.)
  • Spouse passport + Residence permit Copy ( Clear Copy  )
  • Marriage Certificate + Child Birth Certificate if applicable 
  • Child's vaccination Certificate (  if not available will help you Rs 500/- )


Duration : 

Normal @ 10 days ( Approx )

Express @ 5 days ( Approx )


Payment Mode: Cash / DD / Card / Bank Transfer.

Terms of Payment : Full in advance or Half before Process and Balance before Delivery.


Any Clarification : Pls Call / WhatsApp : +91-917 616 0055 / +91-98407 88288  



Family Visit Visa is issued to the close relatives the person working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Permanent Employment visa,  This visa is issued to the Parents, Wife, Children and Parent In Laws of the employees.

The validity of the visa is 90 days with single entry only.

The required documents to proceed for Family visit visa are as follows:

1.     Electronic Visa Approval issued from Ministry of Foreign Affairs –Saudi Arabia

2.     Passport Copy of Sponsor.

3.     Copy of Residence Permit (Iqama) of Sponsor.

4.     Relationship proof (Copy of Marriage Certificate for wife, Copy of Birth Certificate for children)

5.     Original Passport valid for not less than six months.

6.     2 Photographs size 6*4 ,  white background.

7.     Incase spouse name not mentioned in the passport Marriage certificate attestation is necessary.


  • Duration : 10 to 15  working Days Charges Rs 9900/- Insurance : 5500*( Mumbai Submission)*
  • Duration : 10 to 15  working Days Charge Rs 9900/- Insurance : 5500*( New Delhi Submission )*

       Urgent Service @ 5 to 7 days* Approx   available to know the charges please call/WhatsApp : +91-9176160055.+91-98407 88288

  • NOTE :- 

Insurance @ additional cost Pls contact +91-98407 88288 // For Insurance ,the following details required : 1,P.O.Box number , 2 , Zip Code , 3 , Company Location in Saudi Arabia , 4 , Candidate Contact Number and Email address for Communications.



  • Original Passport, which should have 6 months validity.(including the old passports )
  • Photos – 4 nos. (6 x 4” – Background White).
  • Electronic Invitation Letter from Sponsor duly attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce, specifying duration of stay in the Kingdom and Entry Type (Single/Multiple) 
  • Copy of Sponsor Company Registration Certificate 
  • Covering Letter By Applicant stating the Purpose of Visit and Commercial activity of the Company and must be signed by the Director or equivalent 
  • Indian Company Letter of request for visa issuance attested by Chamber of Commerce
  • Commercial Registration Certificate copy of the Firm/Company (Saudi)
  • Visa recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce in favor of the Applicant 
The provision of Business Visa does not apply on those who have professional characters like Technicians, Engineers, Teachers, Lecturers & Professors of the university, Advocates, Computer Programmers, Mechanics and Doctors and others who do not have business features. They have to apply their requests through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Important Note:
   Visitors should not overstay the time granted on the visa.
 Business VISA do not grant the applicant the right to work or to reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 Visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must abide by the country’s Islamic laws and regulations and respect its society’s values and traditions.
 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s laws against drug trafficking are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to severe punishment, which may include the death penalty.
  • Duration : 10 to 15  Business Days Charges Rs *****/- Insurance Charges Rs 5500/-  ( Mumbai Submission)*
  • Duration : 10 to 15  Business Days Charge Rs *****/- Insurance Charges Rs 5500/- ( New Delhi Submission )*
  • Duration : 10 to 15  Business Days Rs  *****/-   Insurance Charge Rs 5500/- ( Mumbai submission )*
  • Duration : 10 to 15  Business Days Rs     Insurance Charge Rs 5500/-   ( New Delhi submission )*
  • One year Multiple Entry 10 to 15 Business Days Rs    ( New Delhi Submission ) * INSURANCE CHARGE 150 USD *
  • Note : We required some additional details for issuance of  insurance policy .
  • 1.        P.O. BOX NO.
  • 2.        ZIP CODE
  • 5.        E-MAIL ID​
  • Child Passport, which should have 6 months validity(including the old passports )
  • 2 white background Photo
  • Original Polio Certificate with Attestation.
  • Birth Certificate Copy  
  • Mother’s original Passport.
  • Mother Re-Entry Slip.
  • Father’s valid Passport copy / Iqama Copy / Visa Copy.
  • A letter from the Saudi based Sponsor Company addressed to the Head Visa Consular requesting him extend visa duly attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
  • An Original MASHHAD issued from Jawaazaat 
  • Original Exit & Re-entry visa
  • Original Passport, which should have 6 months validity(including the old passports )
  • Copy of Work ID
  • Iqama print-out from Ministry
  • 4 Photos – 6 x 4” Background White.
F) Employment Visa Stamping For Saudi Arabia.
  • Original Passport (Minimum Validity 6. months at the time of Submission). 
  • Electronic Visa(ELECTRONIC WAKALA)
  • Original Employee Agreement (Attested by Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of External Affairs)
  • 6 photos 4x6 cm white background.
  • Medical report along with GAMCA slips from a GAMCA (GCC approved Medical Centers Association)
  • 2 alternative pages required for endorsing the visa.
  • NOC For those who came on exit is not necessary for endorsing in new Saudi Visa. (HE SHOULD HAVE FINAL EXIT PROOF PRINTOUT FROM THE AIRPORT (Original).
  • Driver’s license required for Drivers, this should be 6 years old and 6 months valid IF ANY BODY COMES ON EXIT.
  • Degree / Diploma Certificates related to Visa Category.
  • Degree/ Diploma Certificates to be attested by HRD and Ministry of External Affairs, Cultural Attaché, Saudi Embassy, New Delhi. For Senior Categories like Engineers/ Accountant/ System Analyzer/Computer Programmer and all Medical Staff requires Saudi Embassy attestation.
  • For Medical categories. From SSLC to till now all the educational and experience certificate should be attested from Saudi Embassy. There should not be a gap, more than 3 months.) For getting Cultural Attaché’s attestation, Original offer letter duly attested by Chamber of Commerce and MOFA is mandatory.