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Process Of Embassy Attestation in Chennai
process. There are different ways of obtaining the Embassy attestation in case of educational and non-educational documents.
It is a procedure of legalizing all the documents that are to be used for various  purpose ,joining spouse,business statring  and work visa

Which process attestation is Mandatory to get Embassy Attestation ?
To get Embassy Attestation , there are various types of attestation procedure available, it is case to case and embassy to embassy difference process , but generelly the following requirements are important ,that 1st you need to get attestation from the state government then from ministry of external affairs and finally from embassy..
For what we need to get Embassy Attestation ?
Work visa process,Business visa process,spouse visa process,Family visa process,Medical Leave,Power of Attorney etc..
What is the benefit of Embassy Attestation in Tamilnadu?
There are many benefits of getting UAE Embassy attestation and most people from third world countries go there in search of work or for a better lifestyle. Hence, below are some of the benefits of UAE Embassy Attestation.
1.It helps in getting employment visa and thus increases work opportunities open up in UAE ,  2.It helps in getting admission to schools in UAE and get equivalent certificates for your child.3.It is beneficial for the ones who want to pursue their higher studies.4.It gives you upper hand in your plans of settling in UAE by obtaining residence visa for yourself and your family.

What all attestation required for UAE Attestation in Tamilnadu ?
Tamilnadu state HRD attestation
Ministry of External Affairs India
UAE Embassy New Delhi

Which document UAE embassy attestation has to obtained in Tamilnadu :
Many people have lot of confusion about in which document UAE attestation has to be obtained for visa process in Tamilnadu. Find the details :For Work visa :Degree or School education certificate – Whichever is higher (For example if you have completed B.E in Anna University you have to get HRD attestation in Convocation issued by Anna Universiy and no need to get attestation in School certificates.
For spouse visa process :Marriage certificate :Children’s Birth CertificateFor Commercial purpose :Power of AttorneyBoard resolution
Invoice,Import & Export Document,For Medical purpose :1.Medical certificate,Medical report,For Police clearance certificate :Police clearance certificate issued by superintendent of Police,Police clearance certificate issued by Commissioner of Police,Police clearance certificate issued by Inspector of Police,Police clearance certificate issued by Passport office.

How the documents can be submitted?
FOR HRD :For getting HRD attestation , candidate can apply in person or can apply his authorised agent also can submit document.
For MEA and UAE Embassy Attestation :Candidate  need to submit certificate for UAE embassy attestation in New Delhi. Only Authorized attestation agency can submit the certificate for UAE attestation. Individual will not be entertained to submit certificate for attestation. There are many approved UAE Embassy attestation centers like AL-MIRAAJ Attestation Services in Tamilnadu is functioning in Chennai.

What is the procedure of UAE attestation in Chennai,Tamilnadu?
There are two different procedures followed for educational and non-educational attestation in Tamilnadu.
Type 1 :
Educational Attestation for UAE in Tamilnadu– If the documents to be attested are educational the following pattern is followed:-
It needs to be first of all attested by HRD Department of particular state of Residence
It is followed by an attestation by Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs. New Delhi.
The final attestation is made by Embassy of UAE in New Delhi
This process will take minimum 25 to 40 days to complete the uae attestation in Tamilnadu
Type 2 :
It needs to be first of all attested by Mumbai Mantralaya instead of state HRD . Mantralaya is common HRD process applicable for all over India.It is followed by an attestation by Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs. New Delhi.
The final attestation is made by Embassy of UAE in New Delhi
This process will take Maximum 10 to 15 working days to complete the uae attestation in Tamilnadu.
Many students in Tamilnadu always prefer the type 2 for quick UAE attestation process.
Indian Originated document which required to produce in other countries have to be legalized from the respective Embassies/consulates in India. To legalize the document from the respective embassy specific process has to be followed. Document should be first authenticated from respective sate Home department or Human Resource Department and then followed by Ministry of external Affairs in New Delhi then finally respective Embassy will legalize the document.
For which countries Embassy Attestation can be required ?

Qatar Embassy Attestation in India
UAE Embassy Attestation in India
Indoesia Embassy Attestation in India
Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India
Oman Embassy Attestation in India
China Embassy Attestation India
Sudan Embassy Attestation
Bangladesh Embassy Attestation
Nigeria Embassy Attestation
Ecuador Embassy Attestation
Russia Embassy Attestation
Panama Embassy Attestation
Tunisia Embassy Attestation
Thailand Embassy Attestation
Taiwan Embassy Attestation
Morocco Embassy Attestation
Philippines Embassy Attestation
Guatemala Embassy Attestation
Egypt Embassy Attestation
Vietnam Embassy Attestation
Lebanon Embassy Attestation
Bahrain Embassy Attestation in India
Angola embassy Attestation in India
Saudi Embassy Attestation in India
Malaysia Embassy Attestation in India
Libya Embassy Attestation
Ethiopia Embassy Attestation
Syria Embassy Attestation
Iraq Embassy Attestation
Yemen Embassy Attestation

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