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How to get HRD Attestation


HRD Attestation Tamil Nadu
Degree attestation for Tamil Nadu delivered certificates is done by the HRD, Tamil Nadu. The services are supposed to be for exclusively for educational certificate verification. HRD is a state level authentication for educational documents, hence, the facilities also vary from state to state and university to university.

What do you mean by Tamil Nadu HRD Attestation?
HRD legalization for Tamil Nadu means procuring an attestation stamp from Tamil Nadu HRD Ministry. It is the process of certificate verification to be done for numerous purposes. Human Resource Department, that is responsible for the affairs of the state related to education and other areas of human resources that have the authorisation to carry out this very process. HRD certificate authentication is a important step for educational document legalization.
Why do we need HRD Attestation?
Mainly, legalization from HRD is needed when you are in the process of attaining a employment visa or a student visa for further education in foreign. Degree authentication is obligatory for both the causes and is quite common in authentication from HRD for Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait like developed Arab countries. The issuing authorities only will attest those documents, hence, educational documents issued in Tamil Nadu will be authenticated under educational certificate verification by HRD of the same state.

How do you get HRD Attestation from Tamil Nadu?
Services provider will readily have the availability to carry out the document legalization comprising of degree certificate verification. AL-MIRAAJ (Attestation Services ) is one of the well known and most preferred HRD attestation agents in Tamil Nadu and offers authentic services and keeps transparency with its customers. All you have to do is reach out to us and tell us your inquiry for the facility desired, and we will get back to you in no time.
What is the Procedure for Attestation by HRD in Tamil Nadu?
The procedure for Human Resource Department authentication involves primary authentication from local authorities and universities of issuance of the document. The stages are mentioned below:

Certificate Verification
This is the part of the educational certificate legalization which is compulsory before procuring HRD certification. It is the basic stage of verification done by the university from which the respective educational documents were issued.
HRD Attestation-HRD or Human Resource Department is the state authorization that exclusively attests the educational documents and certificates. Educational certificate certification is another necessary procedure to demonstrate the legitimacy of your academic history to your employer or the university you next enrolling for. It is the second step of legalization of educational documents.
How many days will take for HRD Attestation in Tamil Nadu?
There’s a list of educational documents that you shall require legalization from HRD. The time needed depends on several aspects, for example, the university from which document is issued. Generally, it will take about minimum 10 days* to more than a month to complete as there is additional formality of university verification. The overall time will still be influenced by reasons mentioned before.

How much does it cost to get Tamil Nadu HRD Attestation?
HRD attestation fees differentiates from service to service. It may also be affected by the priority of the requirement, also from the place the documents are circulated, the availability of university verification services etc. The HRD attestation price could be as few thousand rupees and can yet vary with the extra services like legalization of documents with pick-up and drop facility. To get the exact attestation prices, contact us Now.

Why choose AL-MIRAAJ?
AL-MIRAAJ (Attestation Services) has been working for more than 6 years now and obtained itself the name of best services in India. We have built this belief and rely all because of the assisting and experience that we have attained over the years. Let us show you how we can help you with the best services:

Attestation of HRD is common for Most counties, and once you completed the state HRD process it will be valid for the countries to get embassy attestation in future.
How to get HRD attestation procedure in Tamilnadu ?
The procedure to complete process that is required to get HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL Attestation in Tamilnadu state issued Degree/Diploma/Birth/marriage/ single status certificates, in Chennai secretariat.
This information will be very useful for all candidates those who wish to get HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL attestation for using , or to go abroad :- HRD attestation is common for all counties and once you completed the state HRD process it will be valid for all countries to get embassy attestation in future. So if you have any plan to get job are permanent residence in abroad better you can get HRD attestation in advance to avoid unnecessary delay in visa processing. If you have HRD attestation ready , you can get concern embassy attestation in quick process. As part of international rules enacted by all the Ministry of External Affairs and HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL , it is mandatory for the candidates seeking employment in abroad to have their certificates attested by the Tamilnadu state HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL Departments located at Fort Sait George, Rajaji Salai road, Near Legislature and Secretariat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600009. Which document HRD attestation has to obtained in Tamilnadu : Many people have lot of confusion about in which document HRD has to be obtained for visa process in Tamilnadu. Find the details : For Work visa : Degree or School education certificate – Whichever is higher (For example if you have completed B.E in Anna University you have to get HRD attestation in Convocation issued by Anna Universiy and no need to get attestation in School certificates. For spouse visa process : Marriage certificate : Children’s Birth Certificate In which document HRD attestation possible in Tamilnadu : 1. Education certificate issued by Universities located in Tamilnadu 2. School mark sheet 3. Birth certificate issued in Tamilnadu 4. Marriage certificate issued in Tamilnadu 5. Single status certificate issued by Government of Tamilnadu In which document HRD attestation not possible in Tamilnadu : 1. Degree certificate issued by open University 2. Degree certificate issued by private Institute 3. Marriage certificate issued by Priest 4. Single status Affidavit 5. Document issued by private organization Chennai HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL process in Tamilnadu : If you are belongs to any city in Tamilnadu , ie Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore or Kanyakumari You have visit Chennai Secretariat for getting HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL attestation in Tamilnadu. There is no branch office located except Chennai. Normally HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL attestations will be done only if you have a valid employment offer letter from the respective employer/country. It is possible without offer letter also. For the following countries you have to get HRD attestation compulsorily : 1. United Arab Emirates 2. Qatar 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Qatar 5. Kuwait Step1 : (Online verification) Some universities offer online verification facility . First you have to submit application with necessary documents. (have to submit original document with 2 sets of photocopies of all the certificates that needs to be attested . )Upon receipt of the same, the secretary to Government will issue one reference number. In future you have to use this number for all further correspondence. If you certificate is an degree certificate and issued by any one of following university you can complete the verification process through online and you can get HRD attestation little quickly . Online verification is available for following Universities in Tamilnadu: ANNA University AMET University Bharathiar University Karunya University Sathyabama University Saveetha University Sri Ramachandra University PRIST University Vels University Dr.MGR University Hindustan University St.Peters University Tamil Nadu Open University Alagappa University VIT University you can complete the verification process through online. If you submit your certificate with verification code your attestation process will be completed in Chennai Secretariat itself. Your certificate will not be sent to concern university for verification process and only verification letter will be sent to concern university. If the University give reply to that letter you will get attestation in certificate. If your university is not mentioned in the list or your certificate is not issued by any university , then your HRD / Home Department / Red seal process will be done manually and the communication will be sent to concern department through post . After receiving verification letter from concern department ( For example Chennai corporation , DPI office and Inspector general of Registration ) Note : In case of marriage certificate , If your marriage certificate registered under Hindu Marriage Act, same will be available in Government site www.reginet,net. So you can verify your marriage certificate through online and attestation process will be completed in Chennai Secretariat itself . : In case of Birth certificate , If your birth certificate issued bu Corporation and if your birth certificate available in Government website, you can verify your birth certificate also through online and attestation process will be completed in Chennai Secretariat itself . Step 2 : HRD / Home Department / Red seal Attestation in Tamilnadu (Manual ) For manual attestation, You have to fill up a form, 1 form and affixed with Judicial Stamp, this can be bought from the shop located inside the Chennai Secretariat . The original certificate along with 1 copy has to be given to the Under Secretary, who would in turn accept the same and give you a Reference Number, do not ever forget this number, all the certificates would be issued using this reference number. On the third day morning, do proceed to the Department and check for the Dispatch Note Book on which the reference numbers would be marked which confirms that the certificates have to dispatch to the respective places. Give one day for the certificates to reach the University, please do ensure to meet one of the peons and request to ensure that your certificates gets processed at the earliest. Please do ensure that you do this follow up until you are confirmed that the documents have been dispatched to the Department. Be prepared to spend the required sum as per the fee and you need to give a DD to the University separately, please check the rate at the office. Step 3 : Getting HRD / Home Certificate in TamilnadDepartment / Red seal Attested u: Please understand that time is of essence here, unless you follow up regularly these attestation will be take more time, these employees in the Department are not bothered about you. The reasons for the follow is also that these employees will not at later point say that your documents are missing which is a regular thing in this department. After completing verification process your certificate will be tabled for signature . The under secretary , Home department will sign and then back side of your certificate the red seal will be affixed . This is the only office for entire state . So it will take 10 to 15 days to complete the signature and attestation . If you follow sincerely you can get your attestation certificate as soon as possible. HRD / Home Department / Red seal attestation office located at the Secretariat in Chennai, you will have a go to Department of Public (Foreigners), this is next to the state Assembly inside the Chennai Secretariat. Once this HRD / HOME DEPARTMENT / RED SEAL attestation is over, the MEA or Embassy attestation is easy in Chennai. There are Many Authorized agents like Tamilnadu Attestation services who can help you with the embassy attestation at respective consulate General office located in Delhi.
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