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 Degree Certificate Attestation - Commercial documents Attestation
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Attestation of Degree / Diploma Certificate is the act of witnessing a Degree Certificate by authorized person person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature.This attestation also confirms that ,the specified degree certificate has been issued that mentioned department and seal and signature on that particular degree certificate is an authentic certificate.
We at  with years of EXPERIENCE will assist you in all your attestation needs.Our Team of Professionals will make sure you don't have any hassles to get your certificates attested We ensure GENUINE and AUTHENTIC attestation for all kinds of documents,Just give us a call or drop us a mail and we will get back to you.
Type of Documents -Documents can be divided into three categories for Attestation/Apostille:
Apostille Attestation in Educational documents Process :
PG Degree Certificate Apostille Attestation.
Pre Degree Certificate ApostilleAttestation.
BE Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Diploma Certificate Apostille Attestation.
Nursing Certificate Apostille Attestation.
Mark sheet Apostille Attestation.
SSC Certificate Apostille Attestation.
HSC Certificate Apostille Attestation.
Inter Certificate Apostille Attestation.
MBBS Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Dentists Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Engineering Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Transcript Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Transfer Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Nursing Registration Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
Pharmacy Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
B.Ed Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
MS Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
MD Certificate Apostille / Attestation.
BTech. Certificate Apostille / Attestation.

Apostille / Attestation in Personal Documents :
Marriage Certificate Apostille / Attestationquotation-attestationAttestation_in_india
Birth Certificate Apostille / Attestation
Leaving Certificate Apostille / Attestation
Police Clearance Apostille / Attestation
Registration Certificate Apostille / Attestation
Power of Attorney Certificate Apostille / Attestation
Marriage Affidavit Certificate Apostille /Attestation
Bona-fide Certificate Apostille / Attestation

Medical Certificate Apostille / Attestation
Commercial Documents :
Export Invoice Apostille / Attestation
Packaging list Apostille / Attestation
Power of Attorney Apostille / Attestation
Certificate of Origin Apostille / Attestation
Certificate of incorporation Apostille / Attestation
Chemical analysis report Apostille / Attestation
Physical analysis report Apostille / Attestation

3 Easy Steps to Process your Attestation / Apostille Services
Step 1: Organize Your Information & Contact Us

We will need the information listed below in order to provide a quote to you:

  • Type of Document (ex: Diploma, Degree ,Birth/Marriage Certificates, Company Agreement, etc.)
  • Country the document is going to be used in
  • Contact information for you
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Step 2 : Send us your documents
Once we have provided you with the confirmation and quote, complete these easy steps below and mail your documents to us:
Gather all your original documents.
Download the order form, fill it out and print it.
Prepare a self-addressed pre-paid envelope.
 AL-MIRAAJ Apostille/Attestation Services requires a pre-paid envelope with your address to return the documents. If not included, delivery process may be delayed. International mailing can be arranged for destinations outside the INDIA.)
Make sure to include all your documents, the completed Order Form and the pre-paid self addressed envelope.Send To:AL-MIRAAJ ( Attestation Services ) , 10-CASA Major Road , B3-ELCANSO Plaza , Egmore,Chennai-600008 , Tel : 4203 7273 , WhatsApp : 9176160055
Step 3 : We Process your Order

Once your order is received and all the required documentation has been provided, we will process your order. Documents will be mailed out once processed using the pre-paid envelope provided. It's as easy as that!

We will need the information listed below to provide a quote to you.
Type of Document (Diploma, Marriage/Birth Certificate, POA, Company Agreement, etc.)
Country the Document is going to be used in
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All kind of Commercial, Educational and Non-Educational
document Apostille / Attestation.