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Attestation Services For Non-Educational Documents

Attestation For Non-Educational Documents :
The main purpose behind attestation of the non-educational certificate is to attain residence visa for your spouse, children, in-laws or to apply for admission of your children or to get school experience certificate. When anyone plans to get settled within other nation either alone or with his/her family then attestation of non-educational documents is very much necessary. This attestation offers seal to the document that states that particular document is genuine and appropriate to be shown in front of foreign officials.
We at AL-MIRAAJ is a leading company in providing efficient attestation services for all types of documents and that too cost effective rates. Being expert and experienced in the same field from years, we do not let our clients in any way and makes sure that our client will not come across any difficulty in other nation with context to document attestation.
Why do we need Certificate Attestation?
Certificate attestation of non-educational documents is usually required in the following cases:-
To get employment in abroad
To get a residence visa for your family
To pursue higher education in the foreign nation
To get a visa transfer


Educational - Personal - Commercial Document Apostille / Attestation.

Educational documents.

Degree Certificate .
PG Degree Certificate .
Pre Degree Certificate .
BE Certificate .
Diploma Certificate .
Nursing Certificate .
Mark sheet .
SSC Certificate .
HSC Certificate .
Inter Certificate .
MBBS Certificate .
Dentists Certificate .
Engineering Certificate .
Transcript Certificate .
Transfer Certificate .
Nursing Degree Certificate .
Nursing Registration Certificate .
Pharmacy Certificate .
B.Ed Certificate .
MS Certificate .
MD Certificate .
BTech. Certificate .

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Personal Documents/ Non-Educational Documents :

Marriage Certificate 
Birth Certificate 
Leaving Certificate 
Police Clearance 
Registration Certificate 
Power of Attorney Certificate 
Marriage Affidavit Certificate 
Bona-fide Certificate 
Medical Certificate .

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Commercial Documents.

Commercial Documents :
Export Invoice 
Packaging list 
Power of Attorney 
Certificate of Origin 
Certificate of incorporation 
Chemical analysis report 
Physical analysis report .

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